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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Put your IT security to the test

You’ve taken all the necessary steps to help protect your organisation from cybercrime, but do they work? Using the same tools and techniques as a cybercriminal, penetration testing (or ‘pen testing’) systematically probes for vulnerabilities in your IT networks and applications. It’s an ethical hack highlighting the weak spots so you can manage any risks to protect yourself from known threats.

Commissioning us to conduct a penetration test will reduce your threat risk and assure the security of your IT infrastructure. We’ll identify any security risks and provide actionable remedial recommendations. We can also assist with remediation if you don’t have the in-house resources to manage this process.

Types of penetration testing

Penetration testing is a critical method to understand your threat surface fully. Different tests examine the boundaries that separate your network from the Internet. These include the following:

Network and infrastructure penetration testing

Network and infrastructure testing provides a thorough and independent examination of your IT infrastructure and systems. Through internal and external tests, we’ll identify software and configuration critical infrastructure security vulnerabilities.

  • Internal – covers elements that make up your internal corporate network such as physical assets (e.g. computers and workstations, non-cloud based servers and USB and hard drives) and networks and systems (e.g. keycard systems and readers and printer networks).
  • External – involves any asset that is Internet facing such as firewalls, web servers, email servers, public IPs and wifi networks.

Web application penetration testing

Web applications are an attractive target for cybercriminals. Web application penetration testing critically assesses security vulnerabilities, weaknesses and technical misconfigurations in your web apps and APIs, including:

  • Interactive web applications.
  • Backend API services and tasks.
  • Android or iOS mobile apps.
  • Desktop clients that interact with a backend API or directly with a database.

Wireless penetration testing

Wireless networks have become a business-critical tool. Yet unsecured wireless networks can allow attackers easy access to your network. Wireless penetration testing reviews your wireless setup’s configuration, protocols and authentication.

By proactively identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities and providing clear remediation advice, we’ll enable you to understand and significantly reduce your organisation’s cyber security risk. If you’d like to put your IT security to the test, please get in touch.

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Penetration Testing

How does it work?


During a free scoping call, we’ll advise and agree on the level of penetration testing to conduct.


We’ll provide a detailed proposal outlining the different aspects involved in the test and deliverables.


When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll run the penetration tests on your network as per the proposal.


After testing, we’ll provide a detailed report outlining your risks and suggested remedial action.