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Cyber Attack Simulation

Cyber Attack Simulation

Test your exposure to the security threats

Do you know how secure your IT network is against a potential cyber attack? Unfortunately, your network could still be vulnerable to attack despite investing in the latest cyber security controls. Cybercriminals are continually innovating and finding new ways to wreak havoc for their gain. One of the best ways to beat them is to play them at their own game.

A real-world cyber attack simulation will expose weak spots in your people, technology, processes and compliance. This insight will highlight potential security threats and enable you to act before a cybercriminal exploits your vulnerability. The more you can understand the potential hazards, the better prepared you can be against them.

Cyber attack simulation

Do you want to know how secure your IT network is against a potential cyber attack? We can show you. Deploying our expert knowledge, in-house tools and technology, we’ll launch a controlled and realistic attack on your IT infrastructure.

The cyber attack simulation will highlight two things – firstly, where your weaknesses are and secondly, how quickly and well your team respond to the threat.

You decide how deep you’d like us to go. We can focus purely on remote system and application-level penetration or test every attack surface, including your physical security and insider threats. We start “quietly” and gradually amplify our attack until your team detect the threat.

Understand your threat

At the end of the exercise, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown and debrief. You’ll learn how we carried out the attack and where your vulnerabilities lie. And with our recommendations on remedial action, you’ll be able to mitigate as best you can against the identified risks. In addition, we can assist with remediation if you don’t have the in-house resource.

To put your security to the ultimate test, please get in touch.

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Start Your Cyber Security Journey

Cyber Attack Simulation

How does it work?


During a free scoping call, we’ll explore the potential threats to your organisation and recommend attack simulations.


We’ll provide a full proposal outlining the extent of the attack simulation testing, timescales and deliverables.Testing


At the agreed time, we’ll carry out the various attack simulations on your organisation per the proposal.


When testing concludes, we’ll provide a detailed report outlining your risks and suggested remedial action.