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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Understand your threat surface

Regardless of the size or type of your organisation, your business is at risk from cybercrime. Criminal hackers use automated tools to find and exploit known vulnerabilities and access unsecured systems, networks or data. Because of this, every Internet-facing organisation is at risk. And with the current trend towards home working and staff using their own devices (‘bring your own device’), maintaining security setting control is even more challenging. Identifying security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your IT systems and software will aid your defence against hackers.

Vulnerability scanning

A straightforward and cost-effective way to assess your threat surface is to run a vulnerability scan. Vulnerability scanning provides a broad and generalised view of your risks. Although not as in-depth as a penetration test, it will give you, at a glance, a reasonably good picture of your overall security preparedness. And it will lay down the groundwork for more in-depth analysis should you choose to do so at a later stage.

We use specialised software for our vulnerability scanning that searches for known weaknesses and security issues in an IT system. We can scan all or any of the following:

  • Your network infrastructure.
  • Your applications and associated systems.
  • Your cloud services.

The scan will detect and flag a host of vulnerabilities, including out-of-date software and applications, weak network configuration settings, insecure user passwords and denial of service vulnerabilities.

We’ll produce a clear report outlining the issues discovered, assessing the business impact, and providing actionable remediation guidance.

We recommend regular vulnerability scanning (at least monthly), but we can also run scans on-demand or following trigger events such as a new server or software build. Our service takes the strain off your in-house team and enables them to focus on fixing vulnerabilities. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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Vulnerability Scanning

How does it work?


During a free scoping call, we’ll assess your situation and advise on scanning.


We’ll provide a proposal outlining the aspects of scanning and deliverables.


We’ll activate the scanning as per the agreed proposal.


We’ll provide a report detailing the risks we’ve identified.