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IT Remediation

IT Remediation

Fix your cyber security risks

Security investigations such as penetration testingvulnerability scanning and cyber attack simulations reveal the weaknesses in your cyber security armour. But what happens next? Failing to take IT remediation leaves your organisation vulnerable to cyber attacks, which could have catastrophic financial and reputational consequences. So it’s essential to fix the issues as soon as possible. But where do you start?

Security issues remediation

Whether you’ve identified or commissioned us to find the security flaws, we can help put them right. Taking a measured and proportionate approach, we’ll review and prioritise the vulnerabilities. It might be that some issues aren’t worth resolving. Sometimes, the inherent risk is less than the potential detrimental impact of the remedial action on your business operations. So when devising our corrective plan, we’ll consider these factors and advise you accordingly. And then, we’ll work with you on sorting them.

Many IT security consultants carry out the testing and then charge time for writing a detailed report. Using us, you can skip the expensive report. Instead, we’ll summarise the issues in an easy-to-digest short form and then spend our time on the important bit – fixing them.

Detecting and eliminating the threats will provide peace of mind that you’ve done all you reasonably can to protect your business against cyber attacks.

Post-cyber breach IT remediation

If your security has been tested for real and your organisation has suffered a breach, we can help. Your business may be struggling to operate, so we’ll work quickly to restore your IT functions. After assessing your situation, we’ll develop and action a rebuild plan. Beginning with the most business-critical IT functions, we’ll work rapidly to ensure your business is up and running as quickly as possible.

And when everything is back on track, we can plug any gaps in your security measures to help prevent a future attack.

For IT remediation to fix your IT security issues, please get in touch.

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Start Your IT Remediation Journey

IT Remediation

How does it work?


We’ll review your vulnerabilities and prioritise them according to your business operation.


We’ll provide a short-form report outlining and prioritising the vulnerabilities and fixes.


Working to the agreed timescale and proposal, we’ll complete the security fixes.


We’ll provide a report detailing our completed fixes and recommendations for next steps.